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My virus scanner is having issues with Serpify Windows Client


A few customers have reported their virus scanners are having issues deep scanning while running the client. Please rest assured knowing Serpify is 100% free of malware, adware, trojans or viruses. It's a legitimate application and you don't ever have to worry about that changing. The reason these errors may be occurring is because the browser window is hidden to protect the integrity of our network and the privacy of our users. Some virus scanners apparently are triggered by hidden events. To get these to go away you can manually add an exception for the Serpify software and these error messages will stop occurring right away.

Furthermore, in the next major version of Serpify we are launching an account upgrade that will remove the requirement of running the client application. This is perfect for people who don't want to run the client. When someone chooses to remove this requirement, he or she will be able to manage their campaigns from within the Serpify Members Area. We will also automatically deploy a mirrored client installation on a privately hosted Windows VPS to replace their IP on the Serpify network. We'll be releasing this update soon, stay tuned!

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