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My stats counter isn't climbing, it's stuck, what's wrong?


There could be two things causing this:

1) If you've been using Serpify since before 10/8/2014 and your stats stopped climbing around that time, it was due to a problematic version (Version 1.2.6) that was deactivating keywords on our server upon a failed connection or a captcha page, when it is only supposed to deactivate a keyword if it isn't in the top 200 positions (20 pages of Google's organic index). The solution if this is the case would be to delete all your campaigns and re-add them. We know it's a pain in the butt, but it should never happen again as this problem has been resolved!

2) You must leave your client application running in the background at all times. When your client is not signed in, your searches are not being executed. This is how we maintain the quality and integrity of our network for everyone. In the future (once we have thousands of active clients on our network) we will add an account upgrade for those who don't wish to run the application on their desktop. After purchasing that account upgrade you'll be able to manage everything from our web-based members area, but we cannot launch this until we have enough active users to sustain that kind of solution.

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